Magnus Business Centre, 9th line of Vasilievskiy island 34, St. Petersburg, Russia
The building is located in the quiet Vasileostrovsky district and has a total area of 8,139 m2, of which 5,086 m2 are leasable. The occupancy rate as of December 31 2016 was 95%.
Gustaf Business Centre, Sredny Prospect of Vasilievskiy Island 36/40, St. Petersburg, Russia
The property is located very close to the Magnus business centre and has a total area is 4,849 m2, of which 4,108 m2 are leasable. The first two floors are used for retail purposes, and office space is located above. The occupancy rate as of 31 December 2016 was 94%.
Strelna land plot, St. Petersburg, the Russian Federation, Petrodvortsovy district, Krasnoselskoye shosse
The plot (cadastre numbers 78:40:19185:87/88/89/94,  approximate coordinates: 59.839899, 30.070818‎ / 59°50'23.6"N 30°04'14.9"E) is comprised of 33 hectares of land in the south-western part of Saint Petersburg. The location has good road and rail communication and excellent visibilty from the adjacent highway. The plot is currently used as farm land. Map links: Google Street View, Federal Agency for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography.
Financial information relating to the properties
Please refer to the year end report for 2015 for the latest update on financial information.
The Property Group
The following diagram shows the ownership structure between SPPC and its Properties:
The Properties, Property Finances and Group Structure

Oscar Business Centre, Fontanka river emb. 13, St. Petersburg, Russia
The property at 13 Fontanki Embankment is located in the Central district, which is full of businesses, shops, theatres and museums. The building was first constructed in 1977 and designed to be a part of a cinema complex, but construction works ceased in 1986. The building was empty until reconstruction began in 2004 and finished in 2008.
The building has a total area of 3,676 m2, of which 2,405 m2 are leasable.The occupancy rate on 31 December 2016 was 86%.